Wednesday, September 24, 2008

something lacey, something leather, something pink

dress:thrifted, jewelry and leather jacket:Forever 21, bow:homeade, shades:thriftshop, tights:target, shoes:DSW

hey lovelys!

How's life? haha I thought that question was reasonable consitering I haven't been on in forever. Life has been busy. So im posting a quick little post for the heck of it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fairy Headband


I was just expiramenting with accesories and I decided to make a headband. Or, a "half headband" I should say. haha. I cut apart of a fake flower off its stem, and I clipped it to my hair. Pretty simple.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Im a salad wrap. Yah.

tank:handmade, tights:old navy girls, scarf:forever21, xl cardigan:gap, belt:vintage, fuax fur neckpeice:DIY
Hellloooo. Im poppin' out posts like crazy! haha.

A few days ago, I was experimenting with a scarf I got from Forever 21.

I wrapped the scarf around me and added a brooch so it would hold everything in place. Added a belt, and waalaah its a dress. Here's the conclusion.


p.s. sorry about the crappy-ness of the pictures. Im usually stuck with taking the pics from a mirror(I blame my little brother for not taking them for me. haha).

A Woodland Wonderland


Yesterday, there was a huge storm(the effects of Ike). It was just a bunch of strong winds. Our lights went out, so I had nothing better to do(and this was after I went shopping). Sooo>>>I went out into the woods and took some random photos.

Good news for me!: School was out today and will be out tomorrow too! because the debree on the roads and 60 percent of louisville is out of power. Wooh, im the 40 percent with it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

West German Trench

Hi Ladies(in a British-like voice just for entertainment)

Today, as you read on my blog post below, I went thrifting at Nearly New. It was FANTASTIC! They had sections of different types of apparel(oh do I wish I brought my camera to take snaps of it!) For example: Vintage section, Fur section, Accessory section, Jacket section, and you get the idea....

My favorite section of the entire place, and in fact, my favorite in the entire array of thrift shops around my town, was the VINTAGE section. Oh boy, was I in shopping heaven! There where grandma night slips from the 40's, genuine leather purses from the 70's(which, I did not get a leather one because of the high-price the store was asking for-15 bucks bleegh), coats/blazers from the 20's and up, velvet tops(some were tacky 80's, some weren't), and everything else vintage you can imagine! There was a black vest with gold studs and gold lining that I thought looked VERY Kate Moss for Top Shop.But it was I didn't get it(hmmm, maybe I regret doing that?). Everything was a tad bit over priced in the Vintage section, but I really didn't give a hoot. I guess that's what you get when you get flippin fantastic vintage, not that crappy stuff from the late 80's early 90's. Yah know, shoulder pads and such. Well, that's what I usually find at random thrift shops/junk stores.

Okeydokey then. Here's a list of what I bought today. Its not allot, but the things I got were pretty impressive for a rinkety dink junk store:

~An OLD trench coat from West Germany(looks like something Anne Frank would trot around in). It says "Official Olympic Coat" or something like that on the tag, and my grandma said the coat was probably worn during the Olympics. Wooh!
~A black velvet vest
~A fringed scarf(looks like an urban outfitters scarf, but cheaper)
~A brown fringed Indian-inspired purse with flower details(i was about to die when I found it!)
~An old night slip that's sheer-I'll end up DIYing it into something amazing.

Unfortunately, I didn't buy any fuax fur...the fur section just had real fur, and there's a slim chance I would EVER buy that....So I passed it up...knowing I was passing up one of this Fall's trend. Why do old ladies have to have real fur????!

I'll post pictures of them soon!

(once agian, in a British voice for your entertainment)
Cheerio! Pep pep! Cheers!

I'm off to do a little thrifting!

I'm going thrifting today at this one thrift shop ran by old Jewish ladies! I'm excited because today is their annual sale(they save all the good stuff for that sale) I usually find stuff every time i go. There jewelry is suppose to be amazing.

On my list:
fuax fur jacket for this fall/winter
a pair of vintage shoes
something fringe
a vintage purse(my guess purse isn't cuttin it in the vintage factor lol)
tops(and if they are not quite cute, i can DIY them to make them better)......

Unfortunately, i can NEVER find pants at thrift shops because they always sell sized 2 and up. I am a 0. which sucks.

Now I'm off to thrift!


Friday, September 12, 2008

M.I.A democracy

Heeeeyyyyyy chicks! :) I have been SUPER bussy lately. School, homework, afterschool activities and such. So the blog posts wont be poppin out like crazy, unfortunatly. Im thinking of some new outfit idea's for the i'll try to post some outfit pics up soon.......

And something a little random to ease the bordom from this blog: My current favorite song- Paper Planes by M.I.A
I really can NEVER get enough of that girl. M.I.A's music is so inspirational and moving. Thats why I listen to it while I do my art work, gets my creativity pumpin' haha.

Ciao Deerios!